Om Yoga are Anji (Vigyana) Craven & Bridget (Bhavani )Rowan 

We have both travelled extensively around the globe & had many adventures & experiences that have shaped who we are.

Our lives, family & yoga paths have many common threads & this creates a firm foundation for our friendship. Together we are graciously able to offer a dedicated space for our yoga community to grow, for us all to learn & to surrender with wisdom to guidance through our journey together & to help us all fulfil our highest potential.

Our intent is to create a dedicated non-competitive sacred space for exploration, transformation and connection through Yoga, a home where you can surrender to the wisdom of the true Self. To establish an inclusive community that supports & encourages authentic relationships, which celebrates our uniqueness & our personal journey to fulfil our highest potential.

We are so honoured to be able to fundraise for Getaway girls whose mission brings joy and gratitude to our hearts. Getaway Girls aim is living yoga, giving support to girls and young women to accept and to be proud of their true authentic selves, giving them tools to blossom and meet their full potential. Oms to all of that  xx

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