When I met Getaway Girls at my school in Year 6 I loved joining in and looked forward to it each week. We did Girls Talk and talked about role models and going to high school and friendship and confidence. Then I got involved in the Summer programme. Lots of fun activities like climbing and canoeing and Self defence. I been to a few groups at Getaway Girls which are fun and we learn lots. I’ve met lots of new people. My parents let me go because they trust Getaway Girls and because its just girls. I joined Global Girls, we’ve talked about issues that matter to girls, produced a magazine with an article about Malala, Interview with JoJo and about Body Image, Education and expectations of girls. We planned and ran the She Matters event- I thought of the name which everyone liked. I’ve been on residential with lots of fun and scary activities that helped to build confidence. I went to London to talk to people at House of Commons about Getaway Girls when Flavia won the Youth work Award. Now we are planning a national event in London in October. I now support younger girls and talk to girls in year 6 about moving to high school in Girls Talk groups. I have made lots of new friends at Getaway Girls, had lots of new opportunities, talked about issues that matter to girls and had lots and lots of fun