What I do

I work on the Safe Space service as Specialist CSE worker.

I support individual young women aged 11 - 18 deal with issues that they may be facing. I work closely with other organisations to make sure that the young woman gets the right support for them.  

 What I did before

 I had quite a few jobs before deciding that I would like to work with young people! I worked in a café, in retail, behind a bar…even had a go at hairdressing!

It was during my degree course in Child and Family Studies that I had the chance to work on a project in Secondary Schools in South Yorkshire. I realised that I loved working individually and in groups with the students, empowering them to think positively about their futures.

After University I worked for Connexions, where I stayed for almost 13 years and completed an NVQ. I’ve had lots of different job titles and worked all over Leeds, but always supporting young people and their families.

I’m now really proud to be part of the fantastic work that goes on at Getaway Girls.

 A little bit about me

 mmm….?! I really love dancing and keep fit classes but I don’t get to do this very much at the moment as my two small children take up most of my time!!! 

I’m really into upcycling old furniture and have done a few little projects. I absolutely love “me time” whether it’s a spa day, meeting up with friends, walking the dog or just me, a magazine and a bar of chocolate!!